Attention Members

Dear Members and Tennis Registrants,

We the Pool Board want to ensure everyone’s safety. In order to do that we are going to have a few guidelines during tennis lessons. Each Participant must have their own of the following items.

  1. Tennis racquet
  2. Water bottle
  3. Towel, if you want one.

We are also asking that everyone does their best to keep 3 foot spacing from other Participants as much as possible. We are not requiring masks but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, that is fine with us. Coach Hugh will not be wearing a mask. He feels he will not be able to teach/coach wearing one in the heat of the summer. If you or your child is not feeling well, please stay home and do not come to the tennis courts. We will need the help of the parents of younger children to teach your child about social distancing, not touching other kids and not sharing things like racquets, water bottles and towels. Coach Hugh is there to teach tennis, not patrol the proper protocol for social distancing. Please help him as well as us by talking to your kids about how to properly handle themselves during this time. In addition, we may ask parents to stay and help if your child has a difficult time following Coach Hugh’s directions to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your help with this! Stay Safe and Healthy.