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Coach Hugh Flanagan


2019 Sessions: 

Spring: April 8 - May 16 (rain make-ups 5/20-5/23) 6 weeks

Summer 1: June 3 – June 20 (rain make-ups 6/24 - 6/27)  3 week
Summer 2: July 8 – August 8 (rain make-ups 8/12 - 8/15)  5 weeks

Fall 1: Sept. 9 - Oct. 17 (rain make-ups 10/21-10/24) 6 weeks

Fall session is open and available to register!

If you are enrolled in a lesson program, Coach Hugh will be communicating any lesson changes/cancellations via text.  To get on the distribution list, send a text to: 81010 with the message @mb2tennis.  Private and semi-private lessons are also available with Hugh Flanagan or his assistant coaches. To schedule please call Hugh at 630-479-9263. For questions or concerns - please direct them to

Tennis Classes:  
To sign up for any of the classes listed below, please click on the links below each description to be directed to the registration page.     

Competitive Training for Kids Ages 11-17 This program, new for 2019, provides 9 hours of coaching to prepare you for league and high school competition. 
Spring:        W 4:00pm
Summer 1:  T 5:00pm
Summer 2:  T 5:00pm
Fall 1:
 M 5:30pm

High School Girls Tryout Camp: This special program provides 12 hours of coaching to get you ready for high school tennis team tryouts.  
Summer 2: High School Girls Tryout Camp 

New! Intro to Tennis for Kids with Special Needs: This no-cost lesson will help kids learn the basics of tennis through fun drills and one-on-one coaching. (Ages 5-18).  
Summer 1:  TH 5:30pm
Summer 2:  TH 5:30pm

Early Beginners (Parent & Child):
In this program, children will learn basic tennis skills using fun tennis-based activities.  The parent and the instructor will work together to help them learn agility, balance, and coordination.  (Ages 4-5)
Spring:  T 3:45pm
Summer 1:  T/TH 8:45am
Summer 2: T/TH 8:45am 
Fall 1: 
W 1:30pm   

Quick Start Beginners 1:  Come have fun and learn to hit the ball with pint-sized equipment on a smaller 36’ court to boost success.
(Ages 5-7)
Quick Start Beginners 2: Objective:  To create an interest and enthusiasm for the game and to make class times fun; to develop body control and eye-hand coordination through drilling, rallying and competing on both 36’ and 60’ courts; and to introduce all of the strokes used in the game.  (Ages 8-12)
Spring:  M 4:30pm
TH 3:30pm
Summer 1:  M/W 9:30am  T/TH 11:00am   
Summer 2: M/W 9:30am  T/TH 11:00am   
Fall 1: M 3:00pm
T 3:30pm

Quick Start Advanced Beginners: Objective:  To begin to shift more focus on stroke technique through drilling and playing with Quick Start balls on a full 72’ court; to encourage the “competitive spirit”; and to teach the scoring and actual game of tennis.  All strokes are covered. (Ages 8-12)
Spring:  M 3:00pm
Summer 1:  M/W 10:30am  T/TH 9:30am  T/TH 3:00pm 
Summer 2:  M/W 10:30am
T/TH 9:30am
T/TH 3:00pm 
Fall 1: M 4:30pm
W 3:00pm

Intermediate: Objective:  To build a greater interest in competing and to introduce Quick Start graduates to regulation adult tennis balls. Strokes are reviewed with more attention to technical details.  Low level drills are used to help improve footwork and coordination. (Ages 11-14)
Spring:  T 4:30pm
Summer 1:  M/W 3:00pm  T/TH 4:00pm 
Summer 2:  M/W 3:00pm  T/TH 4:00pm 
Fall 1: T 4:30pm
Cardio Drill:  

This drill will test and improve your endurance on the court as it combines cardio exercises with

tennis technique drills in a fun and fast-paced hour of fitness.
Spring: M 8:00am
W 8:00am
Summer 1:  M 8:00am  W 8:00am 
Summer 2:  M 8:00am  W 8:00am 
Fall 1: T 8:15am
 T 9:30am
Beginner/Advanced Beginner Adult CoEd Drill: This class is for the beginner who has had little instruction and play.  Objective:  To introduce and practice all strokes, including more demanding ones; and to work on physical conditioning, footwork and coordination.  USTA NTRP rating of 2.0 - 2.7.
Spring:  T 6:00pm
 W 9:00 AM W 1:00pm
Summer 1:  M 8:00pm

Summer 2:  M 8:00pm
Fall 1: M 1:00pm     M 8:00pm

Intermediate Adult CoEd Drill: This class is for experienced tennis players. Take your game to the next level with intermediate level drills. USTA NTRP rating of 3.0 - 3.6.
Spring:  TH 1:00pm
Summer 1:  T 8:00pm
Summer 2:  T 8:00pm
Fall 1: W 1:00pm 
Adult CoEd Intermediate/Advanced Drill: This class is for experienced to more advanced tennis players. USTA NTRP rating of 3.3 - 3.8. Take your game to the next level with advanced drills.
Spring:  TH 6:00pm

Summer 1:
TH 6:00am  
Fall 1:  T 5:30pm

Advanced Adult CoEd Drill (3.8+): Highly competitive drill - fast paced and challenging.
Spring: M 11:30am
Summer 1: T 6:30pm   TH 8pm
Summer 2:
T 6:30pm 
 TH 8pm
Ladies League Drill: New for this spring! A six-week primer to prepare for the Ladies League Season.

 TH 6:45pm